Infusion 2020 Replay

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Video Name Date Host Description Country
It's Your Time -Take Charge of your HealthOct 17, 2020Dr. Kristin Miller, MDDon't give up! There is hope for your health. Dr Miller covers proven and effective natural therapies for some of the most common health challengesAll English Language
Presenting Care BeyondOct 17, 2020Tim TaylorA great follow up to Dr. Miller’s session on health with actual product examples. Intro to the Care Beyond BusinessAll English Language
Getting Started Right for LongevityOct 17, 2020Brenda GauntlettThere are right ways, and wrong ways. Things that work, and things that don’t. Things that lose, and things that win. Learn how to steer new people the right way!All English Language
A Slight EdgeOct 17, 2020Kim and Bob LawThe most effective sales professionals use specific techniques. Join this session to learn some of life’s most valuable skills!All English Language
Rank AdvancementsOct 17, 2020Tim TaylorRank Pins awarded for new Care Builders, Leaders, Managers, Care Directors, and Executive Care DirectorsAll English Language
Will Power and DecisionsOct 17, 2020Michael AveryMaking right decisions and following through on them – especially when you don’t feel like it! It’s easier than you think!All English Language
New Las Vegas Production FacilityOct 17, 2020Rajiv SanghviNew product plans with Care Beyond’s new product manufacturing facilitiesAll English Language
I-Decide (Full Presentation)Oct 17, 2020Eric SuttonThe new interactive presentation system is up with a whole new message and new tools. A great session!All English Language
Developing a Profitable BusinessOct 17, 2020Coach David SmileCoach Smile is a Legend that Has Earned Millions in the Industry. He Will Show You How He has Done it!All English Language
1 + 3 = FreeOct 17, 2020Pastor Chris JohnsonSimplicity is power! The path to excellence with Care Beyond is easy with this trainingAll English Language
Are You the One?Oct 17, 2020James Roswell QuinnThe biggest barrier to success is our own resistance to change. It’s been said that the action of one person can make a difference for many. Are you the one?All English Language
Awards and RecognitionOct 17, 2020Tim TaylorSpecial awards and recognition for Care Beyond Associates and staff that have achieved excellence in various areasAll English Language
Event CloseOct 17, 2020Tim TaylorThe end of a great day with great people. Wrapping up and going homeAll English Language
I-Decide Demo SessionOct 17, 2020Tim TaylorA demo of the new interactive presentation system.All English Language